Vestry Members

                      Vasco Coombs, Senior Warden

                        Ron Herman, Junior Warden


      Terry Garman                   William Biebusch

      Al Skeete                            Beverly Schaffer

      Frank Wood                       Sandra Wolfe

      Neville Lake                       Richard Coffman

      Dennis Gallagher          Theora (Bunny) Webb

Mother Tracy
Rev. Robert G. Brandt
Retired Assistant Priest
Rev. John W. Jasper
Retired Deacon
Carol Armstrong
Parish Administrator
Robert Giaquinto
Facilities Minister
Hazel Graham
Minister of Music
Jill Knights
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Who we are

We are a Parish family! As a family we gather regularly to worship God. The Episcopal Church of the Nativity is part of the U.S. Episcopal Church and the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Our Mission

United by God's grace, The Church of the Nativity is committed to love and serve all people in Christ's name. 

Vision Statement

As a Christ-centered oasis, The Church of the Nativity will be a place to experience acceptance and love. We will invite ALL people to come, be spiritually replenished, and leave eager to do the work God has called each of us to do. We will reflect God's love and limitless possibilities through our commitment to meaningful worship, spiritual formation, sweeping outreach and robust growth



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