Sunday Morning Services:

  7:30 am Traditional Rite 1 with no music In Person and on Facebook Live

  9:00 am Rite 2 In Person and on Facebook Live, abbreviated with some music

10:30 am ONLINE ONLY on YouTube and Facebook Rite 2 with full service music

The services will be available Sunday morning at:

Or Facebook at

Drive thru Communion is offered the first Sunday of the Month

10:00 to 12:00PM

Worshipers at the Episcopal Church of the Nativity in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, are surrounded by the beauty of the Nativity story depicted in the vibrant hues of the stained glass windows. Designed by Lyn Durham, of the nationally known Pickle Studio (, life sized shepherds stand with their flocks and watch in amazement as the star of Bethlehem hovers over the manger. Mary gently cradles the newborn Christ child in her loving arms, while Joseph looks on with joy. An angel kneels in the straw to pay homage as the manger animals keep silent watch. The three Kings arrive in royal splendor to worship the Christ child and to present their gifts of gold, frankensense and myrrh. Viewing the glass panorama, which lines the entire nave, one can almost hear the voices of winged angels, as they sing to the glory of God and point the way to Jesus.



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